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Charlie Knight


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Charlie is an enthusiastic young camera trainee, eager to expand on his skills assisting on both digital and film. The 19-year-old has spent the last 6 months on set with a variety of talented crew members to become confident in working alongside the camera team to allow the most efficient and enjoyable experience.


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
Thomas SaboThe Production ClubElodie TahtaneGary LongTraineeAlexa Mini
Google - 'Gpay'Bullion Productions Joe Wilson N/ATrainee/AssistantGoogle Pixel 3
eBay - 'Holidays'Bullion Productions Arthur Loveday James LeckeyTraineeAlexa Mini
eBay - 'Close The Gap'Bullion Productions Arthur Loveday James LeckeyTraineeAlexa Mini
Matches FashionBullion Productions Arthur Loveday James LeckeyTraineeAlexa Mini
Ace Tee X Manhattan Beamly Arthur Loveday James LeckeyTraineeAlexa Mini
ScopeBullion Productions Arthur Loveday Gary LongTraineeAlexa Mini
TimberlandHighlyUnlikelyArthur Loveday Gary Long / Eira Wyn JonesTraineeAlexa Mini
Marina LondonLez Creative Arthur Loveday N/ATrainee/AssistantFS7
Grief EncounterFulwell 73Arthur Loveday Lloyd CookTrainee/AssistantFS7
Entelechy CharityKnuckleheadJim JolliffeChaz Lyon & Alexandra VoikouLoader2x Arri Amira
Canon 'Pluto'Getty Images StudioRicky PatelKlim BoouLoaderCanon C300


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
JGrreyKode MediaTom O'KeefeMarcus AlberstenTraineeAlexa Mini
Moss Kena - 'Be Mine'Agile Films Arthur Loveday Gary Long TraineeArriflex 416
Dirty NiceTom ProductionsMolly Manning-WalkerJames WicksLoaderAlexa Mini
Swim Deep-Lorenzo LevriniAnil DuruLoaderAlexa Mini
Lafawndah 'Daddy'Bad CollectiveArthur LovedayJames LeckeyLoaderAlexa Mini


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
The StormASPECT Film and VideoNick WildingJack LilleyRunnerRED Dragon
ChinaskiZebrafish MediaPeter RinceMilo BrownTraineeArriflex SR3


TitleProduction CompanyDOPFocus PullerRoleFormat
Vogue - 'Work out with Naomi'VogueJaime Ackroyd Jerry Pradon TraineeAlexa Mini/FS7
Dazed - 'Drome'Lez Creative Arthur Loveday N/ATrainee/Assistant A7s ii
Your Good Skin Bullion Productions Arthur Loveday N/ATrainee/Assistant FS7ii
Vogue - 'Work out with Jasmine Sanders'VogueJaime Ackroyd Jerry Pradon TraineeAlexa Mini/FS7
Fender 'Ian Archer X Rory Butler'Kode MediaArthur Loveday James WicksLoaderAlexa Mini
Vogue 'Cooking with Kate Moss'Conde NastAlex reidTim AllenLoaderAlexa Mini/Amira


Arthur Loveday - DOP - 07969 331 237

James Leckey - Focus - 07876 143 901

Milo Brown - Loader - 07540 705 624

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