Matt Allsop


With over 10 years of Steadicam experience, Matthew is known for his specialism in camera movement across the industry.

His diverse skills and knowledge take him all over the world where he is recognised for his operating styles in the narrative, commercial and music worlds.

Matthew's continuing investment in his equipment keeps him at the forefront of cutting edge camera technology. Not only a specialist in Steadicam he is also one of a handful of operators in the world that owns and operates the Omega AR2 whilst working closely with its developers.

The AR2 gives production floor to ceiling height changes with rotations in shot offering endless possibilities of coverage in any scene.


Equipment Inventory

Customised MKV 2” 4-stage sled | Omega AR2 Head / Software | Customised MKV lightweight 1.5” 2-stage sled | GPI pro arm | Modified front/back Exovest | Inovativ Scout | American Dock with 8” wheels | Wind Killers |

Available on request.