David Pulgarin

David Pulgarin


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David Pulgarin is a London based Steadicam Camera Operator working on narrative, promos, content and commercials. 

 A specialist in the art of steadicam as well as a camera operator, David loves the art of the flying camera that the steadicam creates, to produce flowing, impactful, beautiful seamless images that showcases a unique imaginative identity to any piece that he is working on.

 Creative, noteworthy and versatile framing and composition is the aim of the game, to tell an impactful story, or produce an emotional feeling to whatever production that he works on.

 Experienced and versatile on all formats from ARRI Alexa to Super 16mm, has worked internationally and speaks Spanish as well as English.

 David is currently working on a mix of music videos, content and narrative work with the likes of Partizan, Great guns and RSA Films.



Steadicam Shadow V Digital & Film System,

G-70X Arm Dual Iso-Elastic Arm,

Ultra 2 vest, American Stand with Castor wheels,

Sunbounce Windkiller,

Steadicam film cart with docking station for quick movement between sets 


TitleProduction CompanyDOPDirectorRoleFormat
Gordon Ramsay - Lucky CatLittle Dot StudiosAnthony GurnerAdi KerrB Camera OperatorAmira
Tuborg Open presents Clean BanditArchers MarkWill HankeWill WilliamsonSteadicam OperatorAlexa Mini & Bolex h16
Novomix Life ReadyXFilm ProductionsNicola DaleyNathan L HorrocksSteadicam OperatorARRI
Captain Morgan - Lady Leshurr1000 HeadsBart SienkiewiczTom BrownSteadicam OperatorARRI
English National BalletHiLow FilmsHoward millsNev BrookSteadicam OperatorARRI
MOS Addicted to bassAutobahnPedro de La FuenteAutobahnCamera OperatorSONY
Garnier MicellarShort FilmsAndrew FlemingPedro SuarezB Camera OperatorARRI
Ovarian Cancer 'She Can't Wait'Great GunsAnnette RemlerJosh TriggSteadicam OperatorARRI
National Rail 'Level Crossing'Edge FilmsMalte RosenfeldJames LawesSteadicam OperatorRED
Kuwait AirwaysQCPTVBart SienkiewiczWitold WiczynskiSteadicam OperatorARRI
CIFAS 'Support a Child Trafficker'BBH LondonDavid FoulkesDavid LeonSteadicam OperatorARRI


TitleProduction CompanyDOPDirectorRoleFormat
Rosie Lowe "Birdsong"StinkSteve AnnisJovan TodorovicSteadicam OperatorAlexa Mini
HYYTS "Bullet"Dadbod filmsAaron RogersHarry BarberSteadicam OperatorAlexa Mini
Little Dragon 'Lover Chanting'Rattling StickBart SienkiewiczJack WhitleySteadicam OperatorARRI Mini
The Wound is Where The Light Enter (Fashion Promo)Somayeh LTDAnnette RemlerSomayeh JafariSteadicam OperatorARRI
Jesse Elvis 'With You'Fat LemonDavid FoulkesLuke DaviesSteadicam OperatorARRI
Craig David x Jack Garratt 'Breathe Life' Performance. Beats By DreLuca ProductionsJohn FisherJim DemuthSteadicam OperatorARRI
Tkay Maidza ft Duckwrth - FlexinLuca ProductionOlan CollardyKeenan MacWilliamSteadicam OperatorARRI
Four Of Diamonds - Put your name on itPartizanDavid FoulkesChris DaySteadicam OperatorARRI / Super 16mm / Hi8
Betsy - WaitingRSA FilmsJohn BrethertonBen Charles EdwardsSteadicam OperatorRED
Elli Ingram - Table for twoPartizanDavid FoulkesNadia Lee CohenSteadicam OperatorARRI
Frightened Rabbit - Wish I was soberMastermind MediaDavid FoulkesJames AlexanderouSteadicam OperatorARRI
Dua Lipa - GenesisLuca ProductionJames RhodesRob SemmerCamera OperatorARRI
The DMAS - Do I need you nowPartizanJake JelicichJake JelicichSteadicam OperatorARRI
Arrow Benjamin - Love & HateAgile FilmsDavid FoulkesJames AlexanderouSteadicam OperatorARRI


TitleProduction CompanyDOPDirectorRoleFormat
Stath Let's Flat Series 2Roughcut TVWill HankeTom KingsleyB Camera | Steadicam OperatorAlexa Mini
Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 3 UK unitShaftesbury filmsStephen Reizes CSCRuba NadaB Camera | Steadicam OperatorAlexa SXT
Ellie & NatasiaCpl productionsWill HankeAndrew GaynordSteadicam OperatorAlexa Mini
Lynn & LucyRosetta ProductionsTaina GalisFyzal BoulifaSteadicam OperatorSONY
FuturesDraughtsman FilmsAnna McDonaldDaniel Marc JamesSteadicam OperatorARRI
Lifeline - The RMS St HelenaPillar2PostDavid Pulgarin (UK Location)Mario GoughDOPSONY
The Bromley BoysItchy Fish FilmsBart SienkiewiczSteve KellyB Camera |Steadicam OperatorARRI
The Distant SeaTraskurata LTDAnnette RemlerNic WassellSteadicam OperatorARRI
BushNeon FilmsNicola DaleyNadia FallSteadicam Operator | Additional Operator ARRI
Once upon a time in LondonFlare FilmsMilton KamSimon RumleyB Camera (Dailies)ARRI
MissJeva Films LimitedAnna McDonaldDrew PautzSteadicam OperatorARRI
Leviathan Ep 1, 2, & 3Ubik ProductionsBart SienkiewiczShezad DawoodSteadicam Operator | Additional OperatorARRI


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