Ernie Griffith


Ernie is a London based clapper loader who will keep the camera department running at a smooth and fast pace.

He has a strong knowledge of 16mm, 35mm and most high end digital cameras. 

Whilst his main body of work is in commercials, he also has experience in a range of productions from narrative projects, music promos and fashion, along with some documentary shoots.

He is looking to expand his narrative work where possible.

Full clean driving licence.


Camera Kit:

- Tv-Logic F5A 5.5” onboard monitor

- Teradek 1000 dual RX and TX

- Formatt Firecrest IRND 0.3 - 1.8

- Tiffen Glimmer Glass 1/8 - 2

- 138mm Diopters +1/2 - +3

- Revar 138mm rota pola

- FoldIt beach cart

Commercials - Selection

Narrative - Selection

Music Promos - Selection