Anastasiya Cherkasyuk


Anastasiya, or Nastya, was born in Ukraine and moved to the US in 2014 to study Cinematography at the New York Film Academy and then after at Bournemouth Film School.

Being proficient with digital, 16 and 35mm film formats helped to start her career as a loader in 2018 after she moved to London on a permenant basis.

Nastya has diverse experience on different projects from commercials, music videos to features and HETV. 

Her positive attitude and attention to detail is useful across any project and helps cultivate a friendly and hardworking environment on-set.

Prioritising tasks, quick thinking and getting the job done is key for Nastya, always finding efficient ways to help others in her department and tackle any task that comes her way.

She has a great interest in cinematography as an art itself and strives to become a cinematographer herself one day too. 


  • Design and Management of Temporary Electrical Systems, Creative Skillset certificate
  • Arri Rental London, Camera trainee Work Experience
  • Creative Skillset certificate:  Coronavirus basic awareness on production training
  • Creative Skillset certificate: Tackling harassment and bullying at work

Commercials - Selection

Music Promos - Selection

Narrative - Selection