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Raúl Menéndez


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After studying Cinematography and starting his professional career in Spain, Raúl earned a Masters Degree in Filmmaking in London, and went on to work in the UK film industry.

With six years of experience as a camera assistant, he has worked as a Focus Puller for the last three across narrative, commercials, music videos and documentaries. Raúl understands the technical, collaborative and creative requirements of each project, while consistently pursuing a deeper knowledge of the individual needs of the camera team.


TVLogic F-5A & TVLogic 5.6" 


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Kate Winslet for DaksIconLouis Mackay 1st ACRed Gemini
Technogym BikeTwin StudioSimone Moglie1st ACAlexa Mini
Antonio Banderas Diavolo Fragrance Canister Studio Pol Orpinell 1st ACAlexa Mini
Victoria Beckham for Vogue Vogue Spain Boo George 1st ACRed Dragon
Nike / Foot LockerGuerrilla Creative Spike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini
Vauxhall - Muddy BootsMermanLuke Jacobs1st ACAlexa Mini
Stone Island&SON Steve Nielsen1st ACAlexa Mini
PantenePopsugarJo Jo Lam1st ACAlexa Mini
H&M Winter BeachBellhouse LtdLouis Mackay 1st ACRed Epic-W
Kate MossMINK MNGMNT Mark Arrigo 1st ACAlexa Mini
Total JobsFriend Production Spike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini
Royal Mail smoke&mirrorsJoe Giacomet 1st ACRed Weapon
Zara SpainCAPPiero M. Bressan 1st ACRed Epic
PrimarkAND Production Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Dragon
EE 'Launch'Prodigious UKSpike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini
International Bar AssociationPI Film NetworkFelix Schmilinsky1st ACAlexa Mini
Sony XperiaWyatt - Clarke & Jones Michael Langhoff 1st ACSony FS7
Net-a-Porter Hard LuxuryNet-a-Porter Ronan Gallagher 1st ACRed Dragon
Grand TourRaw CaptureLouis Mackay 1st ACRed Weapon
James May for Tank MuseumVelvet Film Productions James Oldham 1st ACCanon C300
Spy CopsOdelay Films Christopher Spurdens 1st ACAlexa Mini
Alexa ChungJN Production Alexander Seiler 1st ACRed Dragon
Absolutely FabulousLML Productions Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Dragon
Karen MillenFUSE Productions Alexander Seiler 1st ACRed Dragon
Kurt GeigerJoyrider Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Epic-W
EastpakDarling Creative Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Helium
Louis VuittonLV Prod Piero M. Bressan 1st ACRed Helium
Fred PerryFred Perry LtdSteve Nielsen 1st ACAlexa Mini
John LewisSaint LukeConnor McLeod 1st ACRed Weapon
Budweiser LightLML Productions Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Helium
New Look DenimRaw CaptureJacob McFadden 1st ACAlexa Mini


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Collard - Warrior CryPulse Films Spike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini
The Streets - Call Me In The Morning Pulse Films Spike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini
Raleigh Ritchie - Time In A TreeFriend Productions Ryan Eddleston 1st ACAlexa Plus
Leon Of Athens - AeroplaneGet Mullered & Dance Felix Schmilinsky 1st ACAlexa 4:3
Bipolar Sunshine Bad Ass Films Eira Wyn Jones 1st ACRed Dragon
Maeva For NownessPaul Calver Beatriz Sastre 1st ACAlexa Mini
Jamie Cullum - Love Is In The PictureBad Collective Spike Morris 1st ACArriflex 416
Zomby for Stone Island&SONNick Griffiths 1st ACAlexa Mini
Col3trane - PenelopeLML Productions Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Helium
Blanche - MomentsRattling Stick Eira Wyn Jones 1st ACArri Amira
Anna Kay - B+SCreative Blood Beatriz Sastre 1st ACAlexa Mini
Remtrex - Girl I want Out Since Tuesday Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Gemini
Inca Maps - That Wasn't EasyAB Productions Alexander Brunacci 1st ACAlexa Plus
Bad Sign - IntermissionHawk Films Matthias Ashford 1st ACRed Dragon
Desta French - MentionsLML Productions Louis Mackay 1st ACRed Helium
Mai Kino - Waves Self Produced Gilbey Gilbey 1st ACSony FS700


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Pink Wall (Feature Film)Pink Wall Film Co Bobby Shore, CSC 1st AC (B cam) Alexa Mini / Alexa XT
Prevenge (Feature Film)Western Edge Pictures Ryan Eddleston 1st ACSony FS7
Rise Of The Footsoldier 3 (Feature Film)Carnaby International Luke Palmer DP (2nd Unit) Arri Amira
Balance, Not Symmetry (Feature Film)Balance Film Co Ryan Eddleston 1st ACAlexa Mini
Heretiks (Feature Film)The Gateway Movie Ltd Neil Oseman 1st AC (dailies) Alexa XT Plus
Inside Alan's Moore Head (TV Doc)Arte TV Boris Levy 1st AC Alexa Mini
Chasing Perfect (Doc) Salon Story Ltd Felix Schmilinsky 1st AC (dailies) C300 MKII
The Virtues (TV)Warp Films Nick Gillespie 1st AC (dailies) Alexa Mini
Love Spreads (Feature Film)Love Spreads Co Ltd Ryan Eddleston 1st AC Alexa Mini
Actus Reus (Short Film)Letterbox Films Mirco Valenza 1st AC Alexa Plus
Sky Comedy Shorts: Love The Sinner (Short Film)Roughcut Television Ltd Ryan Eddleston 1st AC Alexa Mini
History Of Nipples (Short Film)Bad Collective Spike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini
The Super Recogniser (Short Film)Missing Link Films Ryan Eddleston 1st ACAlexa Mini
Keepsake (Short Film)PaperEpic Productions Felix Schmilinsky 1st ACAlexa Mini
Afloat (Short Film)Flossie Catling Matthias Ashford 1st ACAlexa Mini
Culture Trip (Short Film)Bullion Spike Morris 1st ACAlexa Mini


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