Matt Choules GBCT


I have been working in the UK and internationally as a 1st Assistant Camera / Focus Puller since 2012. I like to vary my work between long and short form projects; not only do I find the variety enjoyable but the changes in different working styles, crew numbers, kit dependance and budget levels offers me a wider array of perspectives and experience that keep me evolving with my role. This continuing development allows me to better support my DP’s and in turn helps me to better engage and share my knowledge with those who support me.

I pride myself in being a career assistant: I approach all jobs with affability, an underlying fascination for the technical and a proclivity to help support great aesthetics. My favourite jobs involve a good deal of logical thinking, as well as being able to quietly offer creative thoughts - when appropriate. 

In 2019 I achieved a long term goal by being accepted into the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT).

I am humbled to have worked with such amazing DP’s & Directors and Crew throughout my career and am excited to see what fantastic new projects and opportunities lay ahead.