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Luke Jefferson


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Luke is a 1st Ac with over 10 years experience in the industry, with in depth knowledge of various formats across different genres.

He believes focus to be a technical discipline but also a creative and collaborative tool to help realize the vision of the DOP and director.

With a dedicated and industrious approach, Luke endeavors to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the shooting process.


TVlogic VFM056 monitor with on and offboard power


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Electronic Arts 'The Sims'RSA FilmsFilip VandewalFocusSony Venice/Zeiss Supreme
Villa AscentiPeter Bailey CompanyAlex TelferFocusAlexa Mini/Leica Summicron
Gym SharkPookaIan MurrayFocusPhantom Onyx/ Leica Summicron
Capital RadioHungrymanJack WilkinsonFocusRed Monstro/Fujinon Alura
'Eli Lilly/McCann'Peter Bailey Company Alex TelferFocusAlexa Mini/Leica Summicron
'Carling/Servier'Peter Bailey Company Alex TelferFocusAlexa Mini/Leica Summicron
Clos19 - Bonding Inheritance SeductionAcademyDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Panavision Primo Classic
Salvation Army 'Hidden in Plain Sight'Fat LemonDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa/Panavision Primo classic
Fly on the wall. Paul McCartneyMPLDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Cooke Speed Panchro
The SwanBlack Sheep FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusRed Weapon/Panavision Vintage
CIFAS 'Sponsor a Child Trafficker' Black Sheep FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Zeiss Master Anamorphic
Extra Time with Riyad MahrezJam FlicksJamie KornFocusSony FS7/Zeiss Ultraprime
Elan Artists: London CollectiveBlack Bull FilmsBart SienkiewiczFocusAlexa Mini/Zeiss Ultraprime
Rexona 3d BacteriaBurger FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa SXT+/Arri 416/ Leica Summilux
Within her EyesScratchDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa/Zeiss Masterprime


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Haelos 'End of World Party'StadiumAhmet HusseinFocusAlexa Mini/TLS K35
Mumford and Sons 'Beloved'KnuckleheadJack WilkinsonFocusAlexa Mini/Hawk v-lite/Cooke s5i
Professor Green 'Photographs'CLMJack WilkinsonFocusAlexa Mini/Hawk V-Lite
Roses Gabor 'I Could be Yours'PartizanDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa mini/Cooke s2
Billy Lockett 'Empty House'A+/Academy FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa/Cooke S4i
Skott 'Stay off my Mind'A+/Academy FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa/Cooke Anamorphic
Dusky Grey 'Told Me'PartizanDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Leica Summilux
Toothless 'Party for Two'Agile FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Cooke Varotal
Monster Florence 'Resourceful'A+/Academy FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAmira/Canon K35
Jessie Elvis 'Paint the Picture'Fat LemonDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Zeiss Ultraprime
Jessie Elvis 'With You'Fat LemonDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa Mini/Zeiss Ultraprime
Arrow Benjamin 'Love/Hate'Agile FilmsDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa XT/Hawk Anamorphic
Anne Marie 'Karate'ScratchDavid FoulkesFocusRed Epic/Leica Summicron
Eaves 'Pylons' ScratchDavid FoulkesFocusAmira/Zeiss Ultraprime


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
End of the Fucking World 2Clerkenwell FilmsBen ToddFocus (Dailies) Alexa LF/Zeiss Supreme
BulletproofVertigoSergio DelgadoFocus (Dailies) Alexa Mini/Cooke Anamorphic
Father BrownBBCChris PrestonFocus (Dailies) Sony F55/Zeiss Ultraprime
'Swallow'IndependentDavid FoulkesFocusAlexa mini/Cooke Panchro
Hetty Feather Series 5BBC ChildrensPeter Butler / Andrew StokesFocusAlexa Classic/Cooke S4
Dark MoneyThe Forge / BBCMark WolfFocusAlexa Mini/ Scorpiolens Anamorphic
'Romans'WSG Film Felix Weidemann BSC FocusAlexa XT/Vintage Hawk Anamorphic
'Amsterdam Secrets'Pearl PicturesOona Menges Focus (Dailies) Alexa Mini/Cooke S4i
'Holby City' 30 episodes BBCMartin Hawkins / Peter Butler / Steve Buckland / Gordon HickieFocusAmira/Fujinon Alura
'Midsomer Murders'BentleyAlan Beech Focus (Dailies) Alexa/Cooke S4i
'Hinterland'Hinterland Films 3Rory TaylorFocus (Dailies) Alexa/Angenieux
'Dr Who' 2nd UnitBBCStuart BiddlecombeFocusAlexa/Zeiss Ultraprime
'Lewis'ITVPaul BondFocusAlexa/Cooke S4i
'Byw Celydd'TarianSimon WaltonFocusRed Dragon/Zeiss Ultraprime
'Casualty' 4 EpisodesBBCJaz Castleton / Stuart BiddlecombeFocusAlexa/Fujinon Alura
The AttendantBay 12 FilmsSean CobleyFocusAlexa/Zeiss Master Prime
My baby shot me DownDD ProductionsMartin CulpanFocusPana ex Millenium/Primo
Finding your FeetAlexa ChallengeAlan WrightFocus Alexa/Zeiss Master Anamorphic
Mother of all FearsMugshot FilmsSimon WaltonFocusAmira/Zeiss Ultraprime
Power of one CoinThunderHawk PicturesTania FreimuthFocusUrsa Mini/Samyang Prime


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