Laura Van De Hel

Laura Van De Hel


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Laura started studying in Paris while she worked as a trainee. After her graduation, she became a loader in France for a few years and first AC in features, commercials and music videos. She moved to London 2 years ago where she works as a focus puller in various formats. 


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
PumaNorth Six ProductionLouis MacKay1st ACRed Helium
Paypal XoomChips Films LtdBart Sienkiewicz1st ACAlexa Mini
Blood SquadUKTV ProductionRihcard Bell1st ACSony Venice
Drama ChristmasITV ProductionRihcard Bell1st ACAlexa Mini
BrtitBoxITV ProductionRihcard Bell1st ACBlackmagic 6k
Liam GallagherPretty GreenOlan Collardy1st ACAlexa Mini
HuaweiThirty Three ProductionJoao Cerqueira1st ACRed Weapon
HSFThirty Three ProductionJoao Cerqueira1st ACAlexa Mini
KPMGThirty Three ProductionSuki Mok1st ACAlexa Mini
Advance & EthroneCamelot FilmsJoao Cerqueira1st ACRed Weapon
Beats by DreCreative BloodAlain P.Cross2nd ACAlexa Mini
NatixisCAPA ProdLaura Van De HelCam OpSony FS7
Blue LineaTwenty TwoGuillaume Adrey2nd ACArri Amira


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Original GangsterFeature FilmPurple Lion LtdAndreas Neo1st ACRed Helium
Soul SearchingFeature FilmBAE BAT LCCAmy Newstead1st ACSony FS7
Killers AnonymousFeature FilmGolfinch StudioHavard Helle1st ACAlexa Mini
NoiseFeature FilmFront Line CinemaTristian Chenais1st ACAlexa Mini
The Burying PartyFeature FilmSineWaves ProductionMeurig Marshall1st ACBlackmagic
Red DevilFeature FilmSony Entertainment Andreas Neo2nd ACRed Helium
The Dark KingdomFeature FilmMillenia EntertainmentPeter Cook2nd ACSony FS7
Loin de chez nousFeature FilmCalt Production Mogran S.Dalibert2nd ACAmira
When the rain sets inShort FilmJames HughesAndreas Neo1st ACAlexa Mini
StagesShort FilmDT Films ProductionJoao Cerqueira1st ACRed One
Dark MatterShort FilmScience GalleryOlan Collardy1st ACAlexa Mini
Man of The HourShort FilmRavanburn LtdRuaraid Achilleos1st ACRed Dragon
RebirthShort FilmBrightrend LtdAli Farhani1st ACAlexa Mini
Love SticksShort FilmLove Stix ProdVincent Prunier1st ACAmira
GrubbShort FilmPoor FriscoMax Robson1st ACAlexa Mini
ArcadeShort FilmOverdrive PicturesDOPAlexa Mini
ClichesShort FilmHewes PicturesAlexandre Jamin1st ACAlexa Mini
InboxShort FilmGingerbread PicturesDave Pimm1st ACAlexa Mini
The DateShort FilmThe Grind ProductionAlain P. Cross2nd ACAlexa Mini
Good GriefShort FilmZigZagZigAlexandre DoGafferAmira
What you willShort FilmShot of TeaDarren LadburySparkAmira
A monster Short FilmOverdrive PicturesDOPAmira


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
FloatingOverdrive PicturesN/ADOPAlexa Mini
Mad TeethBurning Reel ProductionPieter Snyman1st ACAlexa Mini
Rhys LewisMy Accomplice Ltd Diana Olifirova1st ACAlexa Mini
The ViceBefore Dawn ProductionJoao Cerqueira1st ACRed Helium
LifestyleCamelot FilmsJoao Cerqueira1st ACRed Helium
Beat AssassinsBefore Dawn ProductionJoao Cerqueira1st ACArri 435
Prescription HapinessBefore Dawn ProductionJoao Cerqueira1st ACRed Weapon
Emma Blackery AgendaHum Hum ProductionDaniel Jaroschik2nd ACAlexa Mini
Boy GeorgesSoft TarguetAndy Horner2nd ACAlexa Mini
Someone's MindOverdrive PicturesDOPSony A7s
Take Me DancingTribe FilmsTristan Chenais2nd ACAlexa Mini
E Simons & R.OrlinskiWoow ProductionsAlexandre Jamin2nd ACAlexa Mini
Daddy MorryBecause MusicDOPRed Dragon


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