Joel Rosenberg


Joel is a London based focus puller who has previously worked in distribution and video editing but found his calling in camera as a trainee on a long form run and gun documentary. He cut his teeth in difficult and hard outdoor conditions. Progressing through the camera department quickly and learning under seasoned veterans. He has spanned across commercials, music videos, short films, features and documentaries.

Starting off as an extra in popular Childrens TV shows like 'My parents Are Aliens' and 'The Misty Show' in 2005, Joel was given direct insight to set life from an early age. His passion for the industry was fuelled from there, and his love for film has only continued to grow. 

Experienced in digital, 16 & 35mm formats.

Outgoing, open minded and rarely grumpy. Joel invites challenge and is truly dedicated to craft. 


  • ARRI Hi-5 3-Channel Wireless Lens Control Kit (x1 RF motor)
  • TV Logic F-5A Field Monitor
  • 98v Micro Bebob batteries

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Music Promos - Selection

Narrative - Selection