Anil Duru


While I was studying Cinematography I started my career in Istanbul as a camera trainee in 2005 and I have been continuing as a Focus Puller since 2011. As a Focus Puller, I’ve worked in more than 200 episodes of TV Dramas, more than 100 commercials and music videos. In some of these jobs, I was assigned as a cameraman and 2nd Unit DoP.

In 2018 I decided to move my job to the UK and started working in London. Thanks to the experience I gained while working as a cameraman and 2nd Unit DoP, I believe I have a great understanding of what DoPs want and need. I love challenging shots and I think they are the best way to improve myself as a Focus Puller.


WCU4 Wireless Follow Focus

RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus

Treadek Bolt 1000 with 2 receivers

Small HD Bolt 703 Wireless Director’s monitor

TvLogic F-5A Focus monitor


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