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Matt Hutchings


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Matt has worked in the broadcast, commercial and film industry for ten years. After spending many of those in large scale data management, he moved into cinematic DIT work in 2015 where he continues to progress today. Matt has a balanced background or technical and creative, helping ensure all bases of the DIT role are for filled.


Sony PVM-250 25” OLED | Mac Pro 2.7GHx 12-Core E5 | Convergent Design Odyssey | 7Q Inovativ Scout 37 | Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k | Blackmagic Smart Videohub 20x20 | G-Technology G-Shuttle Raid 18TB | Teradek Colr Duo | APC Smart-1500 UPS 


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Ray BanStink StudiosDavid WrightDIT 1x Arri Mini
Exxon - Miniature ScienceNexus StudiosToby HowellDIT 1x Sony Venice
Conde Nast - Dyson RSA FilmsMarcus Domleo DIT 1x Arri XT
LemsipRSA FilmsDiana Olifirova DIT 1x Arri Mini
NFL 'Around The Block'SkunkMarcus Autelli DIT 1x Arri Mini
Sainsburys Denim CaviarDiana Olifirova DIT 1x Arri SXT
HP KronosFlareDiana Olifirova DIT 1x Arri Mini
Reebok DMXIntermarketing Agency Alex Stone DIT 1x Red Dragon
Adidas - Deadly Strike London Alley Richard Stewart DIT 1x Arri SXT, 1x Phantom Flex4k
Visit BritainGrain Media Stephen Murphy DIT 2x Arri SXT
CheeriosNexus Studios Matt Day DIT 1x Arri Amira, 1x BMD Studio
First Direct Grain Media Richard Jehpcote DIT 1x Red Epic-W


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Payne - Liam Payne MelodyVR Mirko Pincelli DIT 1x Sony AS7, 1x BMD Cinema 4k


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
IbizaNetflix/Gary Sanchez Daniel ModderDailies Op2x Red Epic Dragon / Epic-W
The Intent 2 Purple GekoTom WattsDIT2x Arri Mini
Innocent CandyClock Tower Films Dagmar Scheibenreif Workflow Supervisor 1x Red Epic Dragon
Lie of YouMegaliflo Media Tansy SimpsonDIT (Dailies)1x Arri Classic
20,000 Days of Earth Pulse Films Chloe ThompsonPlayout Op1x Arri Alexa
Two Evacuees Nicola Dove Prod. Simon Brann Thorpe DIT 1x Red One
Head on a Plate Grain Media Marcus Domleo DIT 1x Arri Amira


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Sick Of It S2Me and YouNick MartinDIT1x Sony Venice
Double Busy (Pilot)BBCNick MartinDIT1x Sony Venice
Defending The GuiltyBig TalkNick MartinDIT2x Arri Mini
Dr. Max (UK Unit) Studio SohoDoug WalsheDIT1x Sony FS7
Pilgrimage: Road to Rome CTVCDeborah LovettDIT3x Sony FS7
There She Goes MermanVanessa WhyteDIT (Dailies)Arri Mini
Monologues BBC Scotland Vanessa WhyteDIT2x Arri Amira
Be The YesObjective Fiction Charlie GoodgerDIT Arri Mini
CatastropheAvalonMattias NybergDIT (Dailies)2x Arri Mini
MegadateTwo Brothers Picture Laurie RoseDITArri Classic
Lee and DeanBingo Productions Alistair UpcraftDIT2x Sony F5


Available on request. 

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