Davo McConville


Davo McConville became a DIT after coming up through self-shooting documentaries and shorts and then 5 years as a commercial producer, for a full overview of the filmmaking process. Continually learning and investing in kit, he will make sure your data is 100% safe, prepare your transcodes to start your edit immediately and perform colouring and live-streaming on set.

Davo McConville may also be the only person you know who lives near the BT Tower, where he lives with his collections of vintage cameras.

DIT Equipment: rather than bore you with a list here's an explanation. 

Large 10 bit monitors to see things as the DOP expects them to be. 

Scopes to check that the footage will look its best. 

Live streaming so that you can share the live camera feed over the internet, to clients remote directors or agency teams. 

A Tilta trolley cart to work from, compact for tight location work yet hardy enough for heavy duty conditions. 

Thunderbolt 3 Apple computers, graphics cards and card readers to get us out as soon as possible at the end of the day. 

Colour wheels so we can speed through colour grading tests on set.

RAID hard drive so that we're triply covered for backups.

UPS power so that the data is safe even if there's a power cut.

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