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  • Zalando


    September 19, 2019

    TITLE - Zalando Production Designer - Arthur De Borman DIRECTOR - Georgia Hudson Production Company - Park

    Production Designer ARTHUR DE BORMAN designs this epic spot for Zalando and Park's Georgia Hudson. Titled "Free To Be". Featuring reethinkers, Adwoa Aboah, Alice Hurel, Felicity Hayward, Rain Dove and Leroy Mokgatle, the campaign showcases the broadest fashion assortment in Europe, offering new season styles that allow customers to feel free to be themselves.

    Check out more of Arthur's work HERE

  • Michael Kiwanuka "You Ain't The Problem"

    Michael Kiwanuka "You Ain't The Problem"

    September 17, 2019

    TITLE - Michael Kiwanuka "You Ain't The Problem" DOP - Deepa Keshvala DIRECTOR - Leonn Ward Production Company - Black Dog

    Deepa Keshavla's latest striking music vid is for Michael Kiwanuka's "You Ain't The Problem" directed by frequent collaborator Leonn Ward. Keshvala achieves these visuals with ARRI 416 + ultra primes. Grade is by Jack McGinty. 

    To view this video and more of Deepa's promos CLICK HERE

  • Underwired Festival

    Underwired Festival

    September 17, 2019

    TITLE - 6 nominations for Best Cinematography

    Vision have a total of 6 cinematographers nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the Underwired Festival. Anna, Deepa and Evelin the best of luck!!


    Dir. Christian Kinde. DP. Anna MacDonald (NOMINATED BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)


    Dir. Jessica Bishopp. DP. Anna MacDonald (NOMINATED BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)


    Dir. Faye Jackson. DP. Ann Evelin Lawford (NOMINATED BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)


    Dir. Paul Frankl. DP. Ann Evelin Lawford (NOMINATED BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)


    Dir. Deepa Kesvhala. DP. Deepa Keshvala (NOMINATED BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)


    Dir. Nadia Latif. DP. Deepa Keshvala (NOMINATED BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)

    Also in the festival are the following films..

    The Bris of Michael Moshe Solomon
    Dir. Coral Amiga, DP. Anna MacDonald

    Oats and Barley
    Dir. Charlotte Regan. DP. Jim Jolliffe

    Dir. Raine Allen Miller. DP. James Blann


  • Nominees


    August 19, 2019

    TITLE - Underwired and Berlin Commercial

    Stafford Clark is nominated for Cinematography for his light on Ketones "Model Man" at Berlin Commercial. This promo was directed by Rob Brandon for Kode Media.

    Meanwhile at Underwired Ann Evelin Lawford has 2 films nominated for Best Cinematography - "Changeling" directed by Faye Jackson and "Gold Star" directed by Paul Frankl. Deepa Keshvala's film "Kara" which she wrote, directed and shot is also nominated for Best Cinematography.

    Ketones Model Man HERE

    Ann Evelin Lawford Narrative HERE

    Deepa Keshvala "Kara" HERE


  • Production Designer Kelly Sinclair Smith

    Production Designer Kelly Sinclair Smith

    August 16, 2019

    TITLE - Emerging Talent Kelly Sinclair Smith

    Canadian born Kelly Sinclair Smith was raised in Hong Kong and then finally made the move to London after completing the International Baccalaureate, graduating with a 7 in both higher-level Film studies and Arts. She then went on to train at The London Met Film School where she graduated with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Practical Filmmaking. With Terry Ackland-Snow as her mentor at Film Design International at Pinewood she completed the Art Direction course, certifying her in draughting for film and television.

    All of her experience has put in her good stead to straddle all genres and Kelly is now working on commercials, music videos and shorts, most notably with a range of directors from Academy Films including Billy Boyd Cape and Luke Davies.

    Kelly makes a fab addition to our Emerging Talent Team....

    Check out more of her work HERE

  • Arthur Loveday

    Arthur Loveday

    July 22, 2019

    TITLE - Arthur Loveday signs DOP - Arthur Loveday

    We are thrilled to welcome cinematographer ARTHUR LOVEDAY to the Vision roster, who brings with him striking content, promo and in particular fashion and beauty work.

    Loveday developed his fascination for filmmaking through skateboarding and was obsessed with making skate films as a kid and teen, experimenting with cameras, lenses and shooting hand held. His passion is shooting stills, especially 35mm and medium format film. After graduating from film school at LCC, Arthur earned his stripes and worked his way through the ranks as a trainee, AC and spark before lighting full time.

    Working with fashion giants Vogue, Chanel, River Island , Matches and Reiss, Arthur's distinguished tones and palate run through his light. His content work includes brands for Adidas, Nike, Timberland and we eagerly await his latest piece with Dan Emmerson and Somesuch for NHS.

    Check our Arthur Loveday's reels HERE




  • Ann Evelin Lawford "Visercal Artist"

    Ann Evelin Lawford "Visercal Artist"

    May 30, 2019

    TITLE - Ann Evelin Lawford DOP - Ann Evelin Lawford

    Check out this "Visceral Artist" article featuring our own ANN EVELIN LAWFORD in this month's British Cinematographer...

    A candid, authentic and open view of life on and off set.

    Take a read HERE



  • Gucci "Second Summer of Love NYC"

    Gucci "Second Summer of Love NYC"

    May 30, 2019

    TITLE - Igor Smita signs DIRECTOR - Adam Coska Keller Production Company - Frieze

    We are thrilled to welcome emerging cinematographer IGOR SMITKA to the Vision roster, who draws major inspiration from his background in Fine Arts, particularly photography. In his work, he strives to achieve a balance between authentic storytelling and a timeless visual language.

    He loves to create an everlasting aesthetic for his audience which can’t be assigned to a certain period of time. Short films that Igor lensed were screened at many international film festivals and won multiple awards.

    In his personal projects, he likes to use film as a tool of empowerment that gives him the possibility to tell the stories of interesting characters or minorities who otherwise would remain unheard/unseen. 

    SMITKA has since worked on some stunning and highly creative projects with director Adam Coska Keller of Stink. Igor initially met with Adam when the director was one half of duo with Evelyn Bencicova - but so far only in Photography field. Adam was at the time experimenting with video but after they met things organically transitioned into the pair collaborating mostly on video projects. This became the start of the most extraordinary and exciting collaboration!. It was thanks to their personal projects and short films that the offers became flooding in - the first bigger one being Gucci sneaker campaign in 2016. 

    The eagerly awaited "Rite Of Spring" shot at the Royal Opera House has also just been released. This is a powerful and graceful Nowness film which features and extraordinary group of dancers with Down's Syndrome who have captured the revolutionary spirit of the riot-inciting ballet. Another Smitka-Keller treat!

    Find out more and watch the full film HERE

    To see Igor's work including Gucci click HERE






    April 4, 2019

    TITLE - Horrors "Ghost" DIRECTOR - In Out Production Company - Riff Raff

    Emerging Talent SPIKE MORRIS' eerie promo is nominated for BEST EXPERIMENTAL at the Berlin Music Video Awards. 

    Spike says "We shot the Horrors promo on the oddly named FLIR Systems A8303SC MWIR. We were kindly supported by FLIR themselves who flew out an engineer for a prep day in London, as the camera was pretty much just a raw sensor designed for science laboratories; the camera can't record internally or be powered from any battery solution, continually auto-exposes, and requires a bulky windows laptop connected via ethernet to access the menus of the camera. It also cruelly recalibrates, abruptly losing picture without warning every 30 mins.

    After what resembled more of a science lesson rather than a camera prep day, complete with textbooks on infrared light, Rudd (FLIR) and I learnt a lot from each others industries' demands and I went back to Thom & JP (in/out) with our limitations. It was hardly an ideal setup, but as with all filmmaking you're forced to adapt around the things you can't change, and in the end we worked out that a dolly & track in the coldest London studio we could find would suit us best.

    Capturing light that you can't see with the human eye is obviously a really unusual way to shoot.. and great fun too. Inbetween takes the crew found it hard to resist putting different objects infront of the camera to see what they looked like, and I eventually got the hang of controlling the exposure using hairdryers, fans, water and air conditioning units.

    Finally, the in/out guys are exactly the kind of directors I love to shoot with since they're such After Effects experts. A lot of the footage you offer them ends up remixed, distorted and taken even further, which I've always found really inspiring".

    Thanks for that Spike!

    To watch The Horrors click here

    To view more of Spike's work click here




    April 4, 2019

    TITLE - Jack White "Over and Over and Over" Production Designer - Mikey Hollywood DIRECTOR - US Production Company - Academy

    Thrilled that MIKEY HOLLYWOOD is nominated for his technical build and design on  JACK WHITE'S "OVER AND OVER AND OVER". Previously shortlisted at the UK MVA, this is a well deserved nomination. Directed by US for Academy Films. We are rooting for you Mikey! Awards take place on the 29th May.

    Watch Jack White and Mikey's full promo reel here



    April 4, 2019

    TITLE - Libresse "Viva La Vulva" Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - Kim Gehrig Production Company - Somesuch

    So very thrilled for MARIE LANNA who won BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN at the 2019 British Arrows for her incredible design on Kim Gehrig's ground breaking Viva La Vulva... A great night was had by all!

    Watch Viva La Vulva and Marie's Full Reel HERE

  • APT


    April 4, 2019

    TITLE - APT DOP - Nick Morris DIRECTOR - Matt Houghton Production Company - Pulse

    Content to go here...

  • Anais "Lost My Faith"

    Anais "Lost My Faith"

    March 24, 2019

    TITLE - Anais "Lost My Faith" DOP - Emerging talent DIRECTOR - Dumas Haddad Production Company - By Us

    Emerging Talent OLAN COLLARDY lights this striking Anais "Lost My Faith" music video for Dumas Haddad out of Partizan. Collardy chooses 35mm Kodak stock with Cooke panchros, 250D exteriors and 500T for the interiors to achieve these striking visuals.  On location in a corn field in Kent.

    To view this future star's work click below for commercial, music video and narrative work






  • Olly Williams signs

    Olly Williams signs

    February 22, 2019

    Production Designer - Olly Williams

    So very thrilled to welcome OLLY WILLIAMS to Vision's Production Designer roster....

    After studying Film and Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art, Olly went onto spend a number of years in the design teams of various stage projects, including The Donmar Warehouse under Sam Mendes, The National Theatre and Royal Opera House alongside various dance projects with Matthew Bourne.

    The following years saw him building two simultaneous careers; one as a sought after Production Designer (more to come on this) and another as one half of the Directing Duo Diamond Dogs, creating some iconic vids for the likes of Robbie Williams, Maximo Park and The Cribs.Olly has gone on to have a successful solo career within directing at HSI and then onto Another, but this is complemented with Production Designer work.

    Olly's design is highly technical, big build design work, with a niche in scale model and miniatures. His incredible design on MONEY SUPERMARKET "Dirty Dancing" featuring He-Man and Skeletor won an Arrow for BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN at the British Arrow Craft Awards 2018. This was directed out of Blink with regular collaborators The Bobbsey Twins. Olly works with other high end directors at Blink including Nick Ball, Phillipe Templeman and Dougal Wilson. Williams has also recently worked with Tom Kuntz and Ian Pons-Jewell at MJZ and Academy.

    Welcome Olly!

    See more of his work HERE

  • Keshvala and Lanna are nominated at British Arrows!

    Keshvala and Lanna are nominated at British Arrows!

    February 21, 2019

    TITLE - Viva La Vulva DOP - Deepa Keshvala Production Designer - Marie Lanna DIRECTOR - Kim Gehrig Production Company - Somesuch

    DEEPA KESHVALA and MARIE LANNA are nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY and BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN for their superb work on  Libresse "VIVA LA VULVA" at British Arrow Crafts Awards 2019

    Directed by Kim Gehrig for Someusch, this wonderful "girl team" have collaborated to create this groundbreaking and innovative film for Libresse. 

    Awards take place on 27th March!

    See Viva La Vulva HERE!


  • "Mothering"


    January 25, 2019

    TITLE - "Mothering" wins at LSFF DOP - Nick Morris DIRECTOR - Lucy Bridger Production Company - Nice Shirt

    Super thrilled to announce that NICK MORRIS' delicate and beautiful short film "Mothering" has won at the London Short Film Festival 2019. Written and directed by Lucy Bridger and produced by Ailsa Vanessa Tapping this short tells the story of a young girl Mia, arriving at her new foster home where she unexpectedly has her first period.

    "Mothering" is just another example of Morris' accomplished lighting and this film has been given the nod at many festivals in both 2018 and this year including Best British Short.

    Do take a look at this exquisite film and Nick's other award winning narrative work HERE

  • Close


    January 25, 2019

    TITLE - Close DOP - Malte Rosenfeld DIRECTOR - Vicky Jewson Production Company - Netflix

    Cinematographer MALTE ROSENFELD lights Noomi Rapace action-thriller feature film CLOSE which has just been released on Netflix. Directed by Vicky Jewson Malte shot on location in Morocco on Alexa XT / Mini & 27mm Cooke S4 to achieve these slick and impressive cinematic visuals. Close takes us on a journey following a female bodyguard and counter-terrorism expert protecting a rich young heiress which involves a violent kidnap. 

    Writer and director Vicky Jewson worked closely with Jacquie Davis, who is the inspiration for the storyline. One of the leading female bodyguards in the world, Davis helped to bring a badass character to life and to quickly teach Rapace how to breathe and think like a walking war-machine. The aim was to revise the stereotyped idea of male-dominated security services and deliver a female protagonist who is strong and violent, but in the words of Rapace, her portrayal “doesn’t need to be sexy, it just needs to be real”.

    This film adds to the exciting wave in cinema of female film makers. Take a look at the stunning, action packed trailer HERE

    His full reels and website HERE


DOP - Production Designer - TITLE - DIRECTOR - Production Company -