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Matt Choules GBCT


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I have been working in the UK and internationally as a 1st Assistant Camera / Focus Puller since 2012. I like to vary my work between long and short form projects; not only do I find the variety enjoyable but the changes in different working styles, crew numbers, kit dependance and budget levels offers me a wider array of perspectives and experience that keep me evolving with my role. This continuing development allows me to better support my DP’s and in turn helps me to better engage and share my knowledge with those who support me.

I pride myself in being a career assistant: I approach all jobs with affability, an underlying fascination for the technical and a proclivity to help support great aesthetics. My favourite jobs involve a good deal of logical thinking, as well as being able to quietly offer creative thoughts - when appropriate. 

In 2019 I achieved a long term goal by being accepted into the Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT).

I am humbled to have worked with such amazing DP’s & Directors and Crew throughout my career and am excited to see what fantastic new projects and opportunities lay ahead.


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
"Twist"DramaSKY / Pure Grass FilmsHavard HelleFocus (B Cam)Arri Alexa LF / Mini LF / Vega Primes & Zoom
"Industry" (S1)DramaHBOSashi KissoonFocus (2nd Unit Dalies)Sony Venice / Leitz Summicron-C
"Stath Lets Flats" (S2)DramaRoughcut TVWill HankeFocus (Dailies)Focus (Dailies)
"Gormint"DramaAmazonMuhammed RubaisFocus (Dailies)Arri Alexa Mini / Cooke S5i Primes
"Berlin Station" (S3)DramaEPIX / Paramount Tom Turley Focus (Dailies)Arri Alexa Plus / Zeiss Ultra Primes
"The Drifters"DramaStarcross EntertainmentBen Moulden Focus (Dailies)Arri Alexa Mini / Xtal Anamorphics
"Britannia" (S2)DramaAmazon / Sky Si Bell Focus (B Cam Dailies)Arri Alexa Mini / Leica Summilux Primes
"Dark Encounter"DramaGoldfnch Studios Bart Sienkiewicz Focus (A Cam)Arri Alexa SXT / Mini / Hawk V-Lite Primes
"Do Not Disturb"DramaPulse Films Jaime Feliu Torres / Andrew Commis (ACS) Focus (Dailies)RED Weapon Helium / Panavision Primo70 Primes
"For Love Or Money"DramaGoldfnch Studios Joan Bordera FocusArri Alexa Mini / Master Primes
Black Mirror (S4) "Metalhead"DramaNetfix Aaron Morton Focus (Aerial Unit)Red Epic Monochrome / Master Primes
"Missing Episode"DramaBBC / Loop Projects Ryan Scafuro FocusArri Alexa Mini / Zeiss Standard Speed Primes
"Solis"DramaGoldfnch Studios Bart Sienkiewicz Focus (Dailies)Arri Alexa Mini / Cooke Anamorphics
"Wallis Simpson - The Queen That Never Was"DramaChannel 5 / Elephant House Studios Andrew Fleming FocusSony FS7 / Sigma Cine Primes
"The Bromley Boys"DramaItchy Fish Films Bart Sienkiewicz FocusArri Alexa XT / Cooke Anamorphics
"Blue Iguana"DramaUK Film Studios Ian Howes Focus / Gimbal TechArri Amira / Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes
"Legend"DramaWorking Title Films Dick Pope (BSC) Focus (VFX Unit)Arri Alexa XT / Cooke S5i Primes
"Petroleum Spirit"DramaMirror Entertainment Martyna Knitter Focus / Gimbal TechRED Epic / Zeiss Super Speed Primes / Movi M10
"Legacy"DramaUnstoppable / Think Big Aaron Reid Focus (Dailies)Alexa Plus / Cooke S4i Primes
"Man Down"DramaAvalon Entertainment Francis De Groote Focus (Dailies)Alexa / Angenieux Optimo & Fujinon Alura Zooms
"Jack Falls"DramaPress On Features James Friend (BSC) Focus (Pick-Ups)Red One MX / Cooke S4i Primes
"Hustle" (S6)DramaBBC/Kudos Tim Fleming (ISC) Trainee / Loader (B Cam)Sony F900 / Pro35 / Cooke S4i Primes
"Muse"Short FilmMuse FilmsBart SienkiewiczFocusSony Venice / Servicevision Scorpiolens FF Anamorphics
"Down"Short FilmHidden DoorGareth MundenFocusArri Alexa XT / Canon K35 Primes
"Leviathan" by Shezad DawoodShort FilmShezad DawoodBart SienkiewiczFocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes / Steadicam
"The Dark Room"Short FilmCinema HadesChris FergussonFocusRED Epic / Cooke Panchro Primes
"Soulside"Short FilmPark DistrictAndrew AldersladeFocusRED Epic / Cooke S4i Primes
"Dregs - A Love Story"Short FilmFINChristopher SabogalFocus (Dailies)RED Epic / Zeiss Master Primes
"Temps"Short FilmBeattie McGuiness BungayCaroline BridgesFocusCanon C300 / Zeiss CP.2 Primes
"Defning Fay"Short FilmEdge Picture CompanyDavid McDowallFocusArri Alexa / Zeiss Ultra Primes
"Fish!"Short FilmAjar Star FilmsJohn LeeFocusRED MX / Zeiss Super Speed Primes


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
David Walliams "The Beast of Buckingham Palace"20Ten Ltd.Ruaraid Achilleos-SarllFocusArri Alexa Mini / Atlas Orion Anamorphics
SENET "Limits Are Good"PartizanBart SienkiewiczFocusArri Alexa Mini / Master Primes
Paypal "Xoom"ChipsBart SienkiewiczFocusArri Alexa Mini / Leitz Summilux-C
MTV "True Love or True Lies (S2)"MTV / VIMNMatthew Emvin-TaylorFocusArri Alexa Mini / Master Primes
Minecraft VRGK Film & MediaBart SienkiewiczFocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i
Anna Debit CardChips FilmsBart SienkiewiczFocusArri Alexa Mini / Leitz Summicron-C
The FA "Don't Be That Idiot"Bear JamRuaraid Achilleos-SarlFocusArri Alexa Mini / Canon K35 Primes
"Don't Hate The Players"ITV Sashi Kissoon FocusArri Alexa Mini / Canon K35 Zoom
Give Blood "Save The Nation"SquireBenedict Spence FocusArri Alexa Mini / P+S Technik Evolution Anamorphics
Dunelm2AM FilmsKarl PoyzerFocusArri Alxea Mini / Cooke S5i Primes
Desperados Making Pictures Tom Turley FocusArri Alexa Amira / Zeiss Master Primes
Selfridges "Eye See"LG Studio Andreas Neo FocusRed Weapon Dragon / Canon CN-E Primes & Zoom
Gill "Marine"Black Dog Films Andreas Neo FocusRed Weapon Dragon / Canon CN-E Primes
Stylist "Disconnect"Shortlist Media Oliver Ford FocusArri Amira / Zeiss Master Primes
Captain Morgan "Like A Captain" (feat. Lady Leshurr) 1000 Heads Bart Sienkiewicz FocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes
Yokohama x Chelsea FC Pitch Marketing Andreas Neo FocusRed Weapon Dragon / Canon CN-E Primes
On-Running "Black & White"Traum Inc Ruaraid Achilleos-Sarl FocusRed Epic Dragon / Zeiss Ultra Primes
Amazon Music "Dance"Plastic Pictures Matt Riley FocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes / CN-E Zoom
HP "Elitebook"Flare BBDO Tom Turley FocusArri Alexa Mini / Canon K35 Primes
Fishpools "Inspired By You"Studio90 Andrew Fleming FocusSony F55 / Sigma FF Cine Primes
OFO Bikes Manifest London Miles Ridgway FocusArri Alexa Mini / Zeiss CP.2 Primes / Movi Pro
Swarovski Water School "Brazil"Pretzel Andrew Fleming Focus / Gimbal TechRED Dragon / Canon K35 Primes / Movi M10
LV Idents "Jekyll & Hyde"Light Side Productions Chris Fergusson FocusArri Amira / Zeiss Ultra Primes
Ministry of Sound Annual Autobahn Malte Rosenfeld Focus / Gimbal TechRED Epic Dragon / Canon CN-E Primes / Movi M15
Downton Abbey "Christmas Album"Ever After David McDowall FocusArri Amira / Zeiss Ultra Primes
Redline "Honda Civic Type-R"Tinderfint Chris Fergusson FocusSony F55 / Zeiss Super Speed Primes
Hilton "My First Holiday"Ever After David McDowall FocusSony F55 / Canon CN-E Primes
Danone "Frozen"Disney Media Andrew Fleming FocusSony FS7 / Canon CN-E Primes
Moo "Premium Business Cards"Blac Ionica Andrew Fleming FocusSony FS7 / Aardman Leitz Macro
Pepsi "Run The Loop"Little Dot Chris Fergusson Focus / Gimbal TechRED Epic / Zeiss Super Speeds / Movi M10
Mr. Porter "Spyker C8 Aileron" Giant Film & TV Ben Thomas FocusRED Epic / Zeiss Ultra Primes
Beats By Dre "feat. Ellie Goulding"Black Dog Jake Scott FocusRED Epic / Angenieux Optimo Zooms
Lovestruck "Theory of Everything" Catsnake Anthony Gurner FocusRED Epic / Cooke Speed Panchros
London Olympics 2012 "Tower Bridge" London 2012 Ceremonies Ben Davis (BSC) FocusAlexa / Zeiss Super Speed Primes / Angenieux Optimo
RTL "Haye vs. Klitschko" Glover Films Markus Eckert Loader / DITArri Alexa / Angenieux Optimo Zooms


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Vogue (Korea)Post FactoryAndreas NeoFocus / Gimbal TechRED Epic / Zeiss CP.2 Primes / Movi M10
Pull & BearRosco ProductionsJames MoriartyFocus RED Epic / Angenieux Optimo Zoom
Vivian Westwood "Red Shoes"Finished FilmsJames MoriartyFocus RED Epic / Angenieux Optimo Zoom
Asos "Autumn Story"RokkitJake ScottFocus RED Epic / Canon K35 Primes
John Frieda "Luxurious Volume"Run ProductionsBrian StrangeFocus RED Scarlett / Leica Summicron-C Primes
House Of Holland "Sugerga"RokkitJake ScottFocus RED Epic / Canon K35 / Arri Tilt Shift Primes
Lee Klabin "Dolls House"Couture FilmChris FergussonFocus DSLR / Zeiss ZF Primes


TitleProduction CompanyDOPRoleFormat
Novelist "Calm"FriendJames HenryFocusRED Gemini / Kowa Anamorphics
Westlife "Better Man"Kode MediaKarl PoyzerFocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes
Little Dragon "Lover Chanting"Rattling StickBart SienkiewiczFocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes
Octavian "Lightning"Glance Sam Mitchell FocusArri Alexa Mini / Phantom Veo 4K / Leica Summicron-C
Cavetown "Home"ICEO ProductionsCiaran O'BrienFocus / Gimbal TechSony F55 / Leica Summilux Primes
Aruba Red "Goddess Vibes"DNR Sashi Kissoon FocusArri Alexa Mini / Xtal Anamorphics / B&L Super Baltars
Zedd / Liam Payne "Get Low"Bullion Productions Chris O'Driscoll Focus (B Cam)Arri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes / Fujinon Alura Zooms
Curse Of Lono "5 Miles High"Brickwall Bart Sienkiewicz FocusArri Alexa Mini / Cooke S4i Primes
Bukkha feat. Killer P "Death Chat"Mindseye Stephen Dunn Focus / Gimbal TechRED Epic / Zeiss Super Speeds / Movi M15
Karen Harding / Tough Love "Like I Can"Blindeye Felix Schmilinsky FocusArri Alexa Mini / Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar Primes
TIEKS "Sing That Song"Mindseye Chris Fergusson Focus / Gimbal TechRED Epic / Zeiss Super Speeds / Movi M15
Mr Probz "Nothing Really Matters"Art War Entertainment Joe Cook Focus / Gimbal TechRED Dragon / Kowa Anamorphics / Movi M10
Arches "There's A Place" Art War Entertainment Ed Gibbs Gimbal TechRED Epic / Zeiss CP.2 Primes / Movi M10
New Young Pony Club "Hard Knocks"Rokkit Serge Teulon FocusArri Alexa / Fujinon Alura Zooms
Sailor & I "Tough Love"Riff Raff Sam Care FocusRED Epic / Zeiss Master Primes
Archive "Stick Me In My Heart"Lextricity Matt Beecroft FocusAlexa Studio / Panavision G-Series Anamorphics
Wiley "Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya)" feat. Skepta, JME & Ms. DRokkit Ben Thomas FocusRED Epic / Hawk V-Lite Anamorphics
Bat For Lashes "Laura"Friend Michael Ragen FocusAlexa / Uncoated Zeiss Super Speeds
2:54 "Sugar"Agile Films Jake Scott FocusRED Epic / Hawk V-Lite Anamorphics
"FabricLive 56" Halcyon Nights Jaime Feliu Torres FocusRED One MX / Zeiss Super Speed Primes


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