Anthony McHugh GBCT

Anthony McHugh GBCT


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Anthony’s professional career started in Australia, working at Panavision. After which he began freelanceing as a trainee, then 2nd AC on commercials and shorts. He got the opportunity step up to 1st AC on a feature in Italy and thereafter moved to London. 

Since 2011, he has worked as a 1st AC on numerous projects though features, drama and commercials. Over the years he has gained a vast knowledge of formats, lenses and shooting styles. 

With a calm and collected attitude, he has developed the discipline and support a 1st AC must provide and has had the pleasure to work with so many great crews, both in the UK and internationally. 


Equipment: WCU-4 Kit, SmallHD 502B Monitor, TV Logic 5.5" Monitor


TitleProduction CompanyDOPDirectorRoleFormat
Tesco Halloween Black Sheep Studios Dave Pimm Dan Castella Focus Arri Alexa MINI
WeightwatchersSevenDave Pimm John Palmer Focus Arri Alexa MINI
Stella x Breast Cancer Awareness Radical MediaTom Elliott Mollie MillsFocus Arri Alexa MINI
FIFA For The PlayersAgile Films Nicolas Booth Zac EllaFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Adidas Core/NeoApril May Productions Lee Burnett Martin Senyszak Focus Arri Alexa MINI
SnapDragonGreen BulletKeidrych Wasley Rea Reimann Focus Arri Alexa MINI
Adidas - StyleAgile FilmsNicolas Booth Zac Ella Focus Arri Alexa MINI
Microsoft - Rube GoldburgBrave Spark Liam Iandoli Roisin Moloney Focus Arri Alexa MINI
GHDJN ProductionsNicola Booth Charlotte Rutherford Focus Arri Alexa MINI
JoulesBrand Farm Films Liam Iandoli Tom StoddartFocus Arri Alexa MINI
AdiaTatata LtdMiles Ridgeway Adam RaeFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Samsung - StarThe Keep Productions Tom Elloitt Liam HugentFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Adidas - GlitchAgile Films Nicolas Booth Zac EllaFocus Arri Alexa MINI
DominoGreen Bullet Keidrych Wasley Tom StoddartFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Hennessy XOSomesuchDavid Pimm Ella JonesFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Sky VROldieRex McWhiter Luke AlexanderFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Tria BeautyGreen Bullet Keidrych Wasley Karl FentonFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Sky - Pension WiseRecipeDavid Pimm Daniel CastellaFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Merck - Ode to The Future Radical Media Tom Elliott Jonas HegiFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Benjamin Milan ProjectRadical Media Tom Elliott Buliders ClubFocus Arri Alexa MINI
TSBHoi Polloi Media David Pimm Dan CastellaFocus Arri Alexa XT
GiraffeTatata Ltd Miles Ridgeway Adam RaeFocus Arri Alexa SXT
GreenpeaceRaindown Keidrych Wasley Andrew & Ben Carver Focus Arri Alexa MINI
NBSP - "In - Situ"Toma Productions David Pimm Joe HarveyFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Crossrail - Railworks Series Irrestable Films Keidrych Wasley Paul MaynardFocus Arri Alexa MINI
Auriens ChelseaKnock Knock Martyna Knitter Joe MorganFocus Arri Alexa MINI
TemptationsAgile Nicolas Booth Zac EllaFocus Arri Alexa MINI
ZurampicIrrestable Films Keidrych Wasley Tom StoddartFocus Arri Alexa MINI
SamsungKnock KnockChris Storrar Joe MorganFocus Arri Alexa SXT
YSL - Loyle CarnerViceCharlie Goodger Jonas HegiFocus Arri Alexa MINI
KFCBlack Sheep Studio David Pimm Dan CastellaFocus Arri Alexa MINI
YouTubeMTV Richard Bell Pete IrelandFocus Sony F55
FenderRiff Raff Nicolas Booth Ben ReedFocus Arri 435 & 416
Thomas & FriendBrave Spark Keidrych Wasley Danann Breathnach Focus Arri Alexa MINI
Microsoft Dead Rising Vice Nicolas Booth Zac Ella Focus Arri Alexa SXT
CEX Irresistible Films Keidrych Wasley Paul Maynard Focus Arri Alexa MINI
McDonalds - Breakfast PublicisGareth Ward Jonas Vanier Focus Arri Alexa SXT
The Body Shop Pacific7 Prodcutions Liam Iandoli Simon Harris Focus Arri Amira
SelfridgesFoolish Monk Ltd Nicolas Booth Liam Saint-Pierre Focus Arri Alexa STUDIO
Crossrail Irresistible Films Keidrych Wasley Paul Maynard Focus Arri Alexa MINI
Jacobs Flat Bread Indy8 Bjorn Bratberg Jonathan Marlow Focus Arri Alexa MINI
Karen MillerSylvia FaragoNicolas Booth Gemma Yin Taylor Focus Arri Alexa XT
TSBBulliron Productions Nicolas Booth Thomas Hefferon Focus Arri Alexa MINI
ExxonMobil Indy8Bjorn Bratberg Edward Housden Focus Arri Amira
Go 2 GirlsIrresistible FilmsKeidrych Wasley Tom Stoddart Focus Arri Alexa STUDIO
Giff GaffRiff RaffNicolas Booth Ben Reed Focus Arri Alexa MINI
AdidasBullion Productions Dom Herd Joao Retora Focus Arri Amira
BugattiIrresistible Films Keidrych Wasley Adrian Larkin Focus Arri Alexa PLUS
The Daily Mail MilkwoodAuthor Mulhem Nick ParishFocus Red Dragon
War Child My AccompliceNicolas Booth Liam Saint-Pierre Focus Arri Amira
Hyundia I20 Uzong FilmsEmmanual Kadosh Lior Har-lev Focus Arri Alexa XT
House Of Holland Bullion Productions Nicolas Booth Nick Thompson Focus Arri Alexa PLUS
BetMonkey Irresistible Films Keidrych Wasley John Hopkins Focus Arri Alexa XT
Habitat Shadow HouseNicolas Booth Lily Smith Focus Arri Amira
OddkaBullion Productions Nicolas Booth Kent HugoFocus Arri Amira
Model Mother Tongue Levelprint LtdNicolas Booth Martin StirlingFocus Arri Alexa PLUS
NiveaUnit 9 FilmsNicolas Booth Kent HugoFocus Arri Alexa STUDIO
Ted BakerASOS plcNathan Claridge Stuart Meldrum Focus Arri Alexa PLUS
ASOS Antipodium ASOS plcNicolas Booth Treve JacksonHicks Focus Arri Alexa
BarclaysKannanWill Productions Keidrych Wasley Gmaba Will Focus Arri Alexa PLUS
Talk TalkAdjust Your SetLuca Ciuti Laura Borgio Focus Arri Alexa
Dr MartensOdd LondonNicolas Booth Zac EllaFocus Sony F55
Walmart - Pirates Compass FilmKate ReidJabril Muse Focus Arri Alexa
BurberryBurberry Ltd.Gareth Munden Ehsan Bhatti Focus Arri Alexa
Chuk 89 Restaurant Flame VisualsMikolaj Jaroszewicz Sudipto Sarkar Focus Red Epic
Never After Silent Treatment Films Thomas English Jessica Fox Focus Arri Alexa
LycamobileFlame VisualsMikolaj Jaroszewicz Sudipto Sarkar Focus Red MX
WalmartCompass FilmJordan Cushing Jabril Muse Focus Arri Alexa
British Airways Flame Visuals Mikolaj Jaroszewicz Sudipto Sarkar Focus Red MX


TitleProduction CompanyDOPDirectorRoleFormat
Aine Cahill "Water Into Wine"StvdiumDan Lobo-Pires Charlie Targett-Adams FocusArri Alexa MINI
Jessica Wilde "Cry For Me"JM Productions David PimmBrigitta Szaszfai FocusArri Alexa MINI
Plan B "Guess Again"Bullion Productions Jan Guther Andrew Donoho FocusArri Alexa MINI
Lethle Bizzle "Carnage"Agile FIlmsNicolas Booth Eoin Glaister FocusArri Alexa MINI
Suspect Ft Skepta "One Way"PartizanEd HubertOliver Jennings FocusArri Alexa MINI
The Vaccines "You Love Is My Favourate Song" Once Upon A Time Nick Eriksson Daniel Brereton FocusArri 435
Bring Me The Horizion "Oh No"Forever Pictures Nicolas Booth Isaac EastgateFocusArri 435 & 235
George Ezra "Barcelona"Riff Raff Films Nicolas Booth Ben ReedFocusArri Alexa XT
Lorely Rodriguez "Water Water"Partizan LtdAuthor Mulhem Zaiba JabbarFocusArri Amira
iLL Blu "Lonely People"Agile FilmsNicolas Booth Eoin GlaisterFocusArri Alexa ANA.
McBusted "Jumping Expose"PD3Keidrych Wasley Jim HarrisonFocusArri Alexa
Lonely The Brave "River River" Great Goat Films Nicolas Booth Peter Franklin Banks FocusArri Alexa XT
Nick Mulvey 'Cucurucu'Bullion Productions Nicolas Booth Kent Hugo FocusArri Alexa PLUS
Tooji 'Rebels'Soap FactoryKeidrych Wasley Tom StoddartFocusArri Alexa
Villages 'Nothing Arrived'Riff Raff Films Ltd. Nicolas Booth Alden VolneyFocusRed MX
Tom Odell 'Another Love'H.S.I. Nicolas Booth Bella Monticelli-Mctiernan FocusArri Alexa


TitleProduction CompanyDOPDirectorRoleFormat
Lynn & LucyRosetta Productions/BBC Films Taina GalisFyzal Boulifa FocusSony Venice
Sulphur & White (Splinter Unit)AMG International FilmsLiam IandoliJulian Jarrold FocusArri Alexa MINI
Call The Midwife S7 & S8 (Dailies) Neal Street ProductionsToby MooreRebecca Johnson FocusArri Alexa SXT
BenjaminOpen Palm Films David PimmSimon Amstell FocusArri Alexa MINI
The Tunnel S3 (2nd Unit)Sky AlanticLiam IandoliGilles Bannier FocusArri Alexa MINI
10x10Unstoppable Entertainment Aaron Reid Suzi Ewing FocusArri Alexa MINI
Fearless S1 (2nd Unit)Mammoth Screen Ltd. Rasmus Arrildt Pete TravisFocusArri Alexa MINI
Noor (UK)Genlock FilmsKeiko Nakahara Sunhil Sippy FocusArri Alexa SXT
A Street Cat Named Bob (2nd Unit) PresciencePeter Wunstorf ASC Simone Stock FocusArri Alexa / Sony A7S
The Hippopotamus (Dailies)The Electric Shadow Co. Angus Hudson John Jencks FocusArri Alexa PLUS
The Rise of the Krays (A Camera)Torn Pictures Productions Luke Palmer Zackary Adler FocusRed Dragon
Friday Download:The Movie (B Camera) Heron TelevisionJohn IgnatiusJohn Henderson FocusArri Amera
The Show (A Camera)Phoenix Film Prod.Ayoub LamraniJames Alexandrou FocusArri Alexa
Powder RoomDJ FilmsJohn LeeMJ Delaney FocusArri Alexa PLUS
God's AcreBete Noir Films Ltd. Nicolas BoothJP Davidson FocusCanon C300
TribeSavanna FilmsMiko Jaroszewicz Benjamin Johns FocusArri Alexa
The Italian Key (A Camera)Harmaa MediaGianni Giannelli Rosa KaroFocusRed MX
Women and ChildrenDay For Night FilmsNicolas Desaintquentin Daniel Mitelpunkt FocusEX3/Pro35
Horror Of The Dolls Davey Inc. Sara Deane Shane Davey FocusRedONE
Dreamsy Cohan Ltd.Keidrych Wasley David CohanFocusArri Alexa MINI
The Moor One Big Mop Productions Simon Gilmor James EveretFocusArri Alexa MINI
Cla'am Acme FilmsLiam Iandoli Nathaniel Martello-White FocusArri Alexa MINI
The Nest TCO LondonNicolas Booth Jamie JonesFocusArri Amira
Interlude Savvas PicturesEdgar Dubrovskiy Savvas StavrouFocusRed Dragon
Daisy Paton ProductionsLiam Iandoli Nancy PatonFocusArri Amira
A Sea Of Change My Accomplice Ltd. Nicolas Booth Liam Saint-PierreFocusArri Alexa XT
RosaIrresistible Films Keidrych Wasley Tom StoddartFocusArri Alexa PLUS
Lion In The Tent Viewfinder Flim Ltd. Luca Ciuti Joe Oppenheimer FocusArri Alexa PLUS


Available on request 

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